Inspire BFG Review

by admin on January 2, 2012

Inspire BFG Review

Some people say that the Inspire BFG ripped off the Air Challenger. This video review puts that claim to rest. And does a good job of showing the Inspire BFG's strengths and weaknesses.

Review 1

I had a chance to play a few rec games with it as a buddy of mine wanted me to break in his new Inspire BFG and my impression is that it is a pretty decent shooter. I've owned and used a Smart Parts SP-1, and so for the sake of giving anyone reading this an idea of what the Inspire marker is like.. i'll use it as comparison.

First of all, it takes A5 threaded barrels and A5 stocks. Feedneck is clamping, and not sure if it takes any other. It worked fine on my Pinokio.

Weight is comparable to an SP-1. Just under 3lbs with just the stock barrel and battery. The grip frame is bit wide and so i couldn't get a good grip as i would with say a Tippmann X7 or SP-1 in terms of wrapping my fingers around it but thats just preference. The trigger was like the stock SP-1 but with an even shorter pull, at least to me.

Shoots fairly smooth like the SP-1, and with a higher rate of fire of around 20bps. It has Full auto and Burst. It's switch is a bit different, you slide it left and right as opposed to pressing a single button to cycle through, or flipping a selector switch up and down such as say… a BT TM7. Has dual detents, break beam eyes… standard stuff now these days.

Air efficiency, was no different than any Spool Valve in my opinion.

Now i can't say much about the stock barrel as i never used it.. i used an old J&J Performance barrel that day.

I did take it apart real quick and it is a bit of a hassle. You have to completely take apart the shell just to get to the bolt. The real surprise was that i was expecting the battery compartment to be in the mock magazine clip or even the grip frame, but really its on the back end of the marker—usually there's a bolt there but instead its a battery compartment. Either way, you unscrew a few screws and THEN… you slide out the top rail. Yes slide out… i guess it acts like a tab between the two shell halfs. All the internals were bunch up together like all in one piece. I didn't bother breaking it down anymore, especially not out in the field parking lot.

I've read that it is similar to a WGP MG7 as opposed to a G3… haven't seen an MG7 internally so i would not know.

Over all it was a nice marker to shoot that day. Never had any problems. Now the looks are so-so, all these rails all over the place but since it takes A5 shrouds and stocks… i guess you can up the "mil-sim" aspect to make it more appealing. I own an X7 also, so i'm down with that. I do enjoy markers that are bolt out of the back, and so i was not too thrilled about having to tear it down if and when i need to lube the bolt… but i guess its not a huge issue. I take my time cleaning my markers anyway.

Still, $220 isn't too bad…i'm planning to pick one up for the Scenario Events this summer.

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Inspire BFG Review

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