How to Impress a Paintball Sponsor

by admin on October 18, 2012

A paintball sponsor wants to make the best investment possible for their paintball company. And you want them to invest in you. 

So in order to make that happen, you have to convince them that you are worth investing in… and for that, you'll need to impress them. 

Reason For Paintball Sponsorships

- Does the brand make the player?

Of course not. Any good paintball player knows that there is very little difference between any of the good quality paintball gear. A good player can win with 'Dye' or 'Angel' or 'Tippmann.' It's the player that determines success, not the brand.

Without a doubt, the quality of your paintball gear is important. A one thousand dollar paintball gun will easily trump a cheap paintball gun from Walmart. But, most paintball guns that are similar in price, will function about the same.

If you purchase a 1000 dollar Tippmann gun, it will be about as good as a one thousand dollar Angel paintball gun. At that price, the main factor will be playing ability.

But still, many people are tricked into buying a particular 'brand.' Which is a good thing for players that want to earn a paintball sponsor. Because if people weren't influenced by these cheap advertising techniques, there would be no money for paintball sponsorships in the first place.

How To Impress A Paintball Sponsor

1- You need to be seen

You need to convince a paintball sponsor that you are dedicated to the sport of paintball. A paintball company will be incredibly more willing to invest in you, if they believe that you will be frequently seen on the paintball fields. If you have obligations that conflict with paintball, you may not be seen enough for their liking.

2- You Need to be good

Who would want to sign a bad paintball player. A paintball company wants their paintball products to be known as efficient, and used by a good paintball player. Paintball sponsorships are all about advertising. 

A paintball company wants their sponsored players to attract 'positive' attention. They're hoping that spectators (potential consumers) will notice their sponsored players, and consequently notice the 'brand' of paintball merchandise that 'good' players use.

3- You Need to be heard

You should be socially connected to the paintball community. A paintball company would much rather sign a player who will interact with potential customers. The likelihood of getting sales for your sponsor, are increased dramatically if you are able to build relationships with customers. Otherwise, it is considerably hard to attract enough attention to you and your 'brand of choice.'

And sponsors know this….

So….. be seen, good and heard. If you do all three of these things, then there's no reason why a paintball company wouldn't want to invest in you. If it's good business for them, you'll be signed. And if you're seen on the paintball fields, good at paintball, and are willing to socialize with your paintball buds, then you impress a paintball sponsor.

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