How Close Are Realistic Paintball Guns to the Real Thing?

by admin on October 18, 2012

Most paintball guns look super LAME! (I am going to offend a whole lot of paintball players in this post…. ) And the only exception are realistic paintball guns that are manufactured by Real Action Paintball.

Standard paintball markers just look flat out ridiculous. It's hard to even compare them to anything because they stand out by themselves. They're like a hybrid between a shotgun and a pistol. Maybe something an alien would use, but certainly not a gun that any self respecting gentleman would carry.

And I mean that with as much kindness as I'm willing to dish out…. Is it a toy? is it some kind of pipe?

Join In On The New Revolution!

You'll feel like you're part of the military with these guns. They really do look exactly like the real thing, except that they fire paint.

How much more epic will a paintball match be with military style paintball guns?

I don't know how anyone could take the 'angel' or 'Dye' paintball guns seriously. I know that this would be seen as blasphemy to most paintball regulars. But seriously!

Not only do these realistic paintball guns look super cool, they perform as well as any paintball gun that falls within their price range. For 400 dollars, you can buy a RAP4 paintball gun. A RAP4 marker has been critically received as by far the best 'value' paintball gun on the market. It has more velocity and accuracy than most paintball guns that cost 2-3X as much.

AK47 Comparison

Can You Notice Any Difference?

The AK47 comparison shows an ak47 paintball gun…. and the real deal. An army ak47 firearm.

As you can see, there is very little difference between the two. The only significant difference is that you can safely play around with the paintball version :)

Army paintball markers can add some spice to your friendly paintball matches. 

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