Homemade Paintball Bazooka

by admin on January 2, 2012

Homemade Paintball Bazooka

Why make a homemade paintball bazooka?

would you prefer to not have to pay $400 for a paintball bazooka? do you like the idea of a good ol' homemade project?

Well then, lets make a paintball bazooka!

Task 1- Find the items you need (estimated time: 1-4 hours)

Your first task is to find the items on this list. (You may want to print this page to take to your local hardware store)


Homemade Paintball Bazooka

Item List.

1/ 2-inch-by-15 inch PVC pipe

2/ 2-inch PVC T-fitting

3/ 2-inch PVC reducing bushing

4/ 2-inch-by-2 inch PVC pipe

5/ 2-inch PVC cap

6/ PVC cleaner and cement

7/ 1/4-inch short nipple

8/ 1/4-inch steel 90-degree elbow

9/ 1/4-inch-by-5 inch steel nipple

10/ 1/4-inch ball valve

11/ 1/4-inch-to-1/2-inch reducer bushing

12/ 1/2-inch-to-1/8-inch reducer bushing

13/ Thread-seal tape

14/ CO2 ASA valve (bottom-line style)


This task may take a considerable amount of time if you are unable to find everything from one store. I was lucky enough to find everything I needed from Ace Hardware. If you have an Ace Hardware nearby, it may be your best bet.

Paintball Guru Tips

Before we begin constructing our very own homemade paintball bazooka, there are a couple of tips that will make the process go considerably smoother.

-Make sure that every connection that you make is sealed properly. This is particularly important with the pipes, but is also recommended for every step of the paintball bazooka process. When in doubt, SEAL TIGHTER!

Think about it in terms of physics, the more air that escapes the paintball bazooka prior to projection, the less air there is for your projectile.

-Don't let the cement on an object dry before fully inserted into the appropriate object. If this occurs, you will either need to scrape the cement off yourself, or replace the object. Believe me, I've been there. Removing dry cement is no fun.

Task 2- Construct the Paintball Bazooka's Barell (estimated time: 1.5 hours)


Let us begin.

1. apply cement to one end of the 15 inch PVC pipe. The cement should fully cover a half inch from the end.

2. While the cement is still wet, put the wet end of the PVC pipe into one of the 2 inch PVC fittings.

3. apply cement to the 2-by-2 inch pipe.

4. While the cement is still wet, insert the 2 inch pipe into the top opening of PVC T fitting. If done correctly, only the top of the T fitting should be used so far. And you should be able to see through the PVC pipes.

5. apply cement to the PVC cap.

6. While the cement is still wet, place the cap onto the opening of the small (2by2 inch) pipe. The purpose of this is to cover the opening so that the air will force objects to be projected to the other direction.

7. apply cement to the edge of the 2inch bushing reducer, and slide the freshly cemented edge into the lower end of the T fitting. The goal of this step is to decrease the size of the T fittings opening from 2 inches to a quarter of an inch. Accomplishing this will increase your paintball bazooka's velocity, and accuracy, so it is definitely a must do.

Task 3- Construct the Internal Mechanism of the Paintball Bazooka (estimated time: 1 hour)

8. apply thread seal tape to all of the steel nipples, brushings, or valves.

9. insert the small steel nipple into 1/4 inch bushing.

10. insert the small steel nipple into the 1/4 inch opening of the 90 degree steel elbow.

11. insert the large steel nipple into the 90 degree steel elbow.

12. insert the large steel nipple into the 1/4 inch ball valve.

13. Close the ball valve. AND LEAVE CLOSED, until you are ready to fire.

Final Set Up (estimated time: 20 mins)

14. insert the quarter-by-half inch reducer bushing into the ball valve. Seal tightly.

15. Screw the half-by-eighth inch reducer bushing into the opening of the quarter-by-half bushing.


16. insert the ASA Co2 into the opening of the newly created reducer bushing.

17. Screw the Co2 tank nozzle into the ASA co2.

Have Fun!

If you completed all the necessary steps properly, you should have a functioning homemade paintball bazooka.


To try your homemade paintball bazooka out.

1. insert object

2. open the ball valve

3. shoot something up



If a homemade paintball bazooka is not for you, go back to our page on paintball bazookas. There is another way! HomePage

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