Frozen Paintball Injuries

by admin on January 2, 2012

Frozen Paintball Injuries

Frozen paintball injuries are serious! Injuries are incredibly rare in the sport of paintball. But the new frozen paintball trend has drastically increased the paintball injury rate.

This extreme sport used to have little to no paintball injuries, and fields would go entire seasons without having an incident. But frozen paintballs can cause several injuries in a single session. They are incredibly dangerous, and need to be stopped.

What Is A "frozen" Paintball?

Quite simply, they are paintballs that are strategically placed in a freezer before paintball action. In other words, they are paintballs that are frozen. These balls are dangerously hard, and can leave a significant impact on any unfortunate victim.

Why Are They So Terrible?

first of all, they hurt like crazy. You should know if you've been hit with a tampered paintball, because they will leave a paintball bruise that is significantly larger than a typical paintball welt.

But more seriously, there have been a large number of frozen paintball injuries. Some of which are incredibly painful and damaging. There have been several cases at our paintball field, where a player has received a bone fracture from a frozen paintball. That's right, a BONE FRACTURE!!! How painful does that sound?

What Should You Do If You Spot One?

You should report it immediately. Not only are you in danger, but so is every other participant.

Paintball fields have become so strict about hardened paintball regulations, that often a player is forever banned from a field if they've been caught. And for some of these venues, they even blacklist you to nearby fields. Which means that these players will have a tough time finding a new game to play. Which is a good thing! Frozen paintball injuries are way too dangerous, and ALL players should be deterred from using them.

You can't freeze paintballs.   star
Hey all you noobs out there. Don't listen to this. You can not freeze paintballs. The shells are made of jelliten so when the get cold the get more brittle….


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