Dangerous Power G4 Paintball Marker Review

by admin on April 20, 2012

Dangerous G4 Power Review

g4 dangerous power reviewThe G4 Dangerous power is a demonstration of Dangerous Power's superior technological advances and artistry. This advanced paintball gun boasts a super light weight of 1.79lb, a weight that not only includes the feed neck and battery but also the gun barrel.

In addition, the G4 is created using a O ring-less mechanism that reduces unnecessary friction that may lead to wear and tear. This means that this paintball marker not only provides high accuracy and stunning performance but is also very easy to maintain.

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Product features:

  • High performance firing system
  • Customizable trigger that is collapsible and can be flipped in different directions
  • Adjustable modes
  • High pressure regulating mechanism
  • Length: 19.53"Height: 7.91"
  • Weight: 838.5g
  • Rapid Air Pressure mechanism
  • Operating Pressure regulation
  • Barrel: 13"
  • Exclusive discreet clamping feed neck
  • Eye covering

The good

The Dangerous G4 power is an ideal paintball marker for advanced players. Its high pressure regulating mechanism makes this one of the most accurate and long lasting paintball markers from Dangerous Power. The Rapid Air Pressure System eliminates the cumbersome mechanical ASA knob.

This paintball marker also offers a high level of ease of use due to its O-ring less system that reduces the trigger friction that is typical of most other markers. The reduced friction also means little in the way of maintenance.

The G4 offers flexibility with its configurable trigger mechanism that can be changed in 4 different modes. You can customize the trigger by collapsing it to the length that meets your needs while you are in the field.

In addition to the adjustable trigger, the Dangerous G4 paintball marker features an impressive capacity to switch modes. This marker features a fully adjustable switchboard that can be easily programmed. The marker also features a tournament lock that offers great reliability while in the field.

Another impressive feature of the G4 is the bolting system that requires very low maintenance and cleaning. The G4 is easy to carry and walk around with, thanks to the trigger’s stability.

The low profile feed neck will also impress many players, due to its discreetness on the field and the fact that you do not require any added accessories to make the feed neck work.

The bad

Admittedly, the Dangerous G4 paintball marker does have a few flaws. Due to its out-of-box advanced features and power, this might not be the right gun for a player who is just starting.

An imminent problem with the G4 is the sticking of the bolt. However, any player can easily fix this problem by removing the lube the marker comes with and replacing it with less viscous oil. You might also have to replace the inner o-ring system.

Another issue we had with the G4 Dangerous Power is its back cap that is prone to leaks. However, this problem tends to go way after prolonged use. And if the leak problems are not solved after a while, fixing the RAPS air leaks is easy.

One option when fixing air leaks is to sever connections with the air source to alleviate the pressure within the paintball marker. It is not advised to use a highly pressurized paintball gun. The leaking problem can also be fixed by replacing the gun's back cap if it shows some scratches or any flaws.

Our verdict

Dangerous Power has a good reputation for creating well-engineered paintball markers. Dangerous Power is constantly striving to offer guns with highly advanced specs to meet players’ needs. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer that cares about their craft, then Dangerous Power is definitely the way to go.

The G4’s highly advanced specs might not be suited for players who are just starting and looking for a basic paintball marker. However, this gun is highly recommended for players looking to play speedball or paintball tournaments.

The G4 offers a high level of flexibility in the field and is a great choice for tournament paintball with its lightweight and adjustable modes.

The Dangerous Power G4 is undeniably a smart purchase. Compared to other markers in the same category, this marker offers incredible value for the money. It offers an impressive set of features for its price and will definitely help you gain more dominance and accuracy on the field.

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