Cool Paintball Guns

by admin on January 2, 2012

Cool Paintball Guns

There are so many cool paintball guns nowadays, it has become incredibly easy to have some rad, creative paintball matches.

Sure, Dye, Smart Parts and Planet Eclipse can all hook you up with a rad paintball gun. But if you want something a little more badass, then there are many non-standard paintball marker options, that will absolutely demolish the competition. And on top of that, you'll look cool doing it.

Realistic Paintball Guns

Real Action Paintball manufactures a line of realistic paintball markers that will make any gun collector salivate. They look so 'realistic' that many people mistake them for the real thing.

One of my paintball buds was actually investigated by the police for using a Real Action Paintball pistol. They look so real that people don't know the difference. Talk about a cool paintball gun.

Paintball Minigun

Yep, there is now such a thing. A paintball miniguns only fault is that it's too powerful. Your opponents won't be able to stand a chance. It fires a ridiculous amount of paintballs per second, at a ridiculous velocity.

A paintball gatling gun can be an awesome way to spice up your paintball playing experience.

'Standard' But Still 'AWESOME' Paintball Markers

If you want to find out which paintball gun is the best, then check out my paintball gun reviews, for cool paintball guns

I take a look at all of the most popular paintball guns around, and decide which of those guns most deserves your hard earned cash.

Furthermore, I separate the expensive paintball markers, for the cheaper ones. And if you want a look at the best cheap paintball guns, click this link.


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