Co2 Paintball Tanks

by admin on January 2, 2012

Co2 Paintball Tanks

There are two types of paintball tanks, co2 paintball tanks and nitrogen paintball tanks. If you are not aware of the two tank types, click this link and we'll break them down for you. Co2 paintball tanks are for the recreational paintball player.

Co2 is an interesting substance indeed. We are used of thinking about co2 in gas terms, but co2 is usually in liquid form. And that's the way we like it. Or until we're ready to fire at an opponent.

However co2's ability to change forms can lead to paintball inconsistencies because different forms will fire at different rates and accuracies. This should not be much of problem if their are no drastic changes in environmental temperature.

What is the reason for the different fire rates?

Well basically, you want the co2 in your tank to transform from liquid to gas in order to propel your paintballs. The amount of time it takes for this process to occur depends on how close your co2 substance is to a gaseous-like state. If the co2 in your tank is pure liquid, the paintballs will take an appropriate amount of time per shot, your accuracy will be awesome…. life will be good.

But, if the co2 in your tank is already approaching a gaseous state before propulsion, then your paintball will not fire at an appropriate rate. Paintballs will attempt to leave before they are ready, which leads to chopped paintballs in your gun. YUCK! And your paintballs will not experience as high a velocity.

You may have already noticed that if you play paintball with a co2 tank for a significant amount of time, the tank becomes colder. Well this is a very bad thing indeed. Crystals are forming on the tank which means that your co2 is shedding its liquid like substance. Which means that your accuracy and fire rate will be considerably inhibited.

Of course, we may be exaggerating the detrimental nature of co2 tanks. Lowered accuracy and fire rates do occur, but a casual paintballer may not even notice such a thing occurring. If you play paintball only for a good time, and are not so concerned with ultimate control over your paintballs, then by all means go with a co2 tank.


I feel obligated to note that if you have a perfectionist personality, then co2 paintball tanks are not for you. if you are a perfectionist, you will much prefer a nitrogen tank.

How do you fill a co2 paintball tank

Filling a co2 tank is a relatively simple process, but there are a few things that newbies to the sport will need to know.

First off, you will need to locate a paintball fill station. These devices look pretty intimidating. Or maybe not. They scare me anyway. Check one out here.

Now that you've found a paintball fill station, you will need to learn how to use it for your paintball tank.

How to use a paintball fill station to fill a co2 paintball tank.

Safety Precautions

Paintball is a safe sport. Take a look at our safety statistics.

We should still be pre-cautious. Because while paintball injuries are rare, they suck like crazy when they occur. The injuries produced through paintball tanks are particularly gruesome. Avoid them by learning the safety procedures here.

Co2 Tank Reviews

co2 tanks are the economical option for the casual paintball player. That being said, you can still find some reliable co2 tanks, and they won't put a whole in your pocket. If you have decided on a co2 tank, and you're ready to decide which one, check our reviews

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nitrogen paintball tanks are significantly more efficient. So why would anyone choose co2?

Read the article: Are Co2 Paintball Tanks Obsolete? to find out about the future of these tanks.


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