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by admin on January 2, 2012

Are Co2 Paintball Tanks Obsolete?

Paintball markers were originally created with co2 paintball tanks, and for a long time, co2 tanks were the only option.

Now paintball players have other options, such as nitrogen paintball tanks, which are more efficient. And for that reason, many people think that co2 is the gas of the past.

Problems with co2

carbon dioxide is a very inconsistent molecule. It can change from a gas to a liquid frequently, which means much more unpredictability.

You can experience this inconsistency firsthand by breathing during cold weather. If you breath out co2 during the wintertime, you may be able to see you own breath, in a cloud-like form.

The reason why you can see your breath is because the carbon dioxide molecules are alternating between a gas and liquid form. Which looks pretty cool.

Unfortunately for paintball players, we like to be able to predict the state of gas in our paintball tanks. Because co2 firing paintballs at liquid form, is much different than co2 firing paintballs during a gaseous state.

If you're co2 paintball tank becomes too cold, the co2 will want to stay as a liquid, which will cause the range and accuracy of your paintballs to fall considerably.

The better alternative

nitro paintball tanks are much more consistent than co2. Nitrogen will stay in the same state throughout an entire paintball match, and you won't have to worry about your tank freezing up.

In fact, a good nitrogen paintball tank will even allow you to adjust the amount of velocity you want for your paintball. Which takes consistency and reliability to a whole 'nother level.

Now, with hpa and nitro tanks, you can accurately predict the range and accuracy of your paintball marker.

How cool is that?

Why Choose A Co2 Tank?

They are the inferior paintball air system in every way, except for price.

Tad da!

So that's the reason why these tanks even exist?


not every paintball player is willing to spend a mint on the paintball gear that they use, and co2 tanks are a lot less expensive.

You could purchase a tank of the co2 variety for a little more than some spare change. I've purchased one before for 15 bucks. They're that cheap.

So if you just want to play out in the bush with your buddies, one or two times a season, then they may be the option for you.

No serious paintball player would even consider using co2 paintball tanks but many recreational players would.

A good nitrogen paintball tank will cost you over a hundred dollars.

And if you only play a couple times a year, you may not be willing to justify spending over a hundred dollars on a paintball tank. I know that I couldn't when I first started playing.

If you decide to play paintball seriously, than a co2 paintball tank is a useless investment. But co2 will never entirely leave the paintball fields, because there are too many people that want to play paintball at a recreational level.

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