Bt 4 Delta Paintball Gun Review

by admin on January 2, 2012

Bt-4 Delta Paintball Gun Review

The Bt-4 Delta Elite paintball gun is intense…

Review 1

Ok. your going to hear what everyone else says. "omg out of the box its soo cool looking". yes. yes it is. Also, it fires like a beast, it is amazingly accurate. It has an amazing sliding stock, to be adjusted to your height and arm length, fitting, w/e. the bad thing is when you chop, it isnt accurate at all. The good thing is the single trigger is easy to pull, so you can fire fast. The RIPCLIP is amazing. it does 20 BPS and sound activated. the only problem is the balls will get caught in the 2 little tiny plastic balls inside the loader, so you will have to unwind the hopper. (on the bottom there is a winder so if you run out of batteries, you can cycle yourself. You give it 3 turns and your good to go again. I love this gun, its accurate, and you can also snipe. the killer looks gives you some rep when you get on the feild. not to mention the sliding stock and the removeable clip. its so cool looking. maybe you could put MNM's in there, or skittle. maybe some tylenol. anyway, this gun is a beast for 250$. you dont need a 500$ A5 that looks like an MP5. Its also not heavy, and performs well when wet. its a pain to take the barrel out, swab it, put it back together, take off the shroud, line it up, blah blah blah. its ok, its still awesome. IF YOU CHOP CLEAN YOUR BARREL RIGHT AWAY.

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Review 2

The BT4 Delta Elite paintball marker is a close quarters, combat training marker developed by the brains at Battle Tested Paintball Designs. With this paintball gun at your side, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you own one of the most reliable tactical training tools available on the market today.

Modeled after the popular Maschinen pistole 5-N, (German) or otherwise known as the Heckler & Koch MP5-N, the BT4 Elite is a lightweight, compact instrument of "destruction" that you can now use to wreak havoc upon your enemies.

These paintball markers are used by military and law enforcement agencies around the globe to simulate and train for real tactical situations that they may face. The realistic replication of the MP5 has also made it a very popular choice for the paintball battlefield.

Review 3

i bought this product for my sons birthday. he loves the gun. his only complaint is that the gun was mostly plastic, and the moving parts (like the cocking leveler on the shroud, and the removable magazine) were all plastic and didn't move. every thing else is fantastic. He said the gun shoots like a dream and feels solid. Lastly, the shipping was terrible. i bought the expedite shipping 2-4 days for $30. well, the normal shipping was $10 and that was 4-6 days. the gun finial showed up on day 8, so a waste of 30 bucks. i would have given it 5 out of 5 if the shipping didn't suck.

Review 4

This is one awesome gun ! To all fans of mp5 or anything tactical this is the right choice. Great paintball marker for beginners or intermediate players. Feels really nice, shots accurate enough , yet i would suggest to upgrade to bt4 delta elite barrel. Or buy delta elite if you looking for more serious weapon. This gun is easy upgradable and satisfy everybody. Out of 10 i would give 9.5

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Bt-4 Delta Paintbal Gun Review

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