Bob Long Protege Review

by admin on January 2, 2012

Bob Long Protege Review

 Why get this gun?I would say this might be my last paintball gun that mid level paintball players will ever need.

The Bob Long Protege is as good, if not better than many thousand dollar paintball guns.

Protege is hot , good grip to keep from dropping, very fast, efficient and light If you consider switching from a ION, SLG, MINI or a $200-400 dollar gun you will see the difference very fastDONT BELIEVE ME? Borrow 1 as soon as possible and see for yourself!!!This gun like everyone else says should be in the thousands

The only thing I didnt like was the fact that you need to lube the gun with Dow 55 to keep the manufactures warranty. This stuff is hard to find and can be expensive.

Milling itself ISNT bad at all. It is no better or worse than the Vice.. just different. The finish on the gun is very well done. There may be minor polish marks in your pinish, but they actually give the gun charecter and dont take away from the glorius shine that each Protege has.

The Ram sleeve, eye covers, and feecneck accent the body and everything fits together nicly. If you happen to get an eye cover that cracks from normal torque when screwing the eye cover down just call Bob Long Direct and they will get you a new one quick and with no questions asked ( There was a problem with the eye covers being made to thin from the factory and cracking ). The new ones they send you will be thicker and will not crack.

The paintball trigger frame feels great in your hands and has plenty of room for your gloves to walk the trigger. The trigger itself is very nicly made. It is slightly hollowed for weigt purposes and has 2 allen adjustment screws for pull and retun lenghts that can both be adjusted through the front of the trigger. The metal that is around where your barrel screws in is quite thin to achieve the "sharp" look the Protege has SO if you dont like dings in your gun BE CAREFUL when screwing in your barrel not to miss and hit the metal because you will ding it with any force.

The gun has very little kick while shooting. The movement barely moves your shot pattern and is nothing to complain about. The guns sound signature is slightly louder than M7's or M8's with the same barrel.

The gun is very consistent. It read 280-283 on the Chrono with 15 shots. I do not believe in accuracy of paintball markers. Markers are not accurate, they can be consistently inaccurate, therefore making them accurate. This makes the bob long a great gun. It has virtually no shootdown at high rates of fire (second best i have used expect for an X-Mag.) It gets 1800 shoots out of my hpa paintball tank so efficiency is amazing. It is a light-mid weight gun. However, I am using the lightest and smallest tank with the heaviest hopper. Its is very balanced. Reliability and maintenance is just as easy as an ego. It shoots with much less kick as well.

I havent yet tested the AKA 2 liter + Regulator, but it is said to be the most efficent, fastest recharging, and MOST consistent regulator out there.. I am going to order one soon to put on my guns and see if the fps consistency gets better. shout several dozen cases through these guns and have yet to break a ball. The stock bolt works great and the LP operation pushes balls rather than blows them up.

A trend I am seeing is that the bolt will loose its lubrication quite quickly, so be sure to keep a fresh layer on the bolt to prevent it from wearing your breech, detents, and the bolt itself pre maturly.

Let's get back to the quality of the Bob Long Protege. This thing is FAST the trigger on the one I tested came set up perfectly for me and she can sing, especially with the 4 eye kit.

The recoil is nonexistent, some older Timmys have some recoil in high rates of fire the Protege doesn't, it shoots amazingly shooth.One thing to note is that this marker was designed to shoot with paint and doesn't dryfire near as well as it does with paint in it.

The consistancy is really good considering that mine hasn't been broken in yet, I expect it to be +/- 2 or 3 by the time its broken it. It also has no noticeable drop off in high rates of fire.


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