Big Paintball Guns

by admin on January 2, 2012

Big Paintball Guns

Don't we all want the big guns… Big Paintball Guns that is. Many paintball players don't even know that they exist. But in an attempt to add realism to the sport of paintball, a few companies have manufactured big paintball guns that function like the "bad boys" out in the modern warfare fields.

There are paintball bazookas, paintball shotguns, paintball miniguns, etc. And all of these paintball versions function exactly the way we'd expect.

Which Big Paintball Gun Is The Biggest?

It's fairly close between the paintball bazooka, and the paintball minigun. Paintball miniguns are not widely accessible to the public, because they are simply not available for purchasing. Not yet anyways… So if you want a paintball minigun, you'll have to manufacture it yourself. Which is not as hard as you may think, and the plans are available online.

So, you can construct the paintball minigun to be as large as you want it to be. But you'd have to build a pretty big beast to rival a store bought paintball bazooka. A paintball bazooka can either be homemade or bought from a paintball store. I've heard nothing but good things about the store bought paintball bazookas. But I have heard a few screw ups with the homemade paintball bazookas.

Should You Buy One?

They do wonders on the paintball fields. That is, if you're paintball field will allow one. Some paintball field supervisors are Nazis when it comes to big paintball guns. Which is unfortunate, because they are ridiculously awesome!

Make sure your paintball field will allow them into play. They do add another aspect to the game, and should be a welcome addition.

What Are The Functional Differences Between: A Paintball bazooka, paintball minigun and paintball shotgun?

The paintball bazooka will fire long distance, as well as cover a larger target area. It can (and should) be used in short and long range circumstances. The paintball cannon (aka paintball shotgun) should be used in short term matches only. Paintball cannons can only have accuracy for a very short distance. But in that short distance, they can be deadly. There is absolutely no missing your opponent if you fire at them within 15 feet.

If you play 'Call Of Duty' as many of us paintballers do, think about a shotgun. You would never use a shotgun to try and snipe someone from a distance, but if you got closed to an enemy…. game over.

And finally, the paintball minigun is BIG!

A paintball minigun will fire many paintballs per second. Even more than you could from an automatic paintball gun. You will have some mobility difficulties, because this gun is absolutely gigantic. And most fields won't allow you to use a minigun, because they are simply too devastating. But if you can, make sure you are on the firing side of one of these bad boys.

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