Best Paintball Handguns

by admin on October 3, 2012

Why Paintball Players Need Them!

There are many paintball handguns on the market today, but most of them are not even worth your time. 

Trying to play paintball with a bad paintball pistol just might be one of the worst paintball experiences you'll ever have. So if you can, make sure you get the right one.

Paintball handguns can be a MAJOR boost on the paintball fields, but they are a go 'big' or go home type of product. A good one can save you in moments of desperation, but a bad one will leave you fed to the wolves.

Now that I've found a 'good' paintball pistol, I could not even imagine playing without one. I would feel a lot less safe, that is for sure!

Any experienced paintball player knows that you run out of ammo often in this sport. And it is a lot faster to turn to a paintball pistol than it is to try and reload your main hopper.

And what's more, most opponents don't expect paintball handguns. So if an opponent hears you run out of ammo, you have a perfect opportunity to fire a paintball at them unexpectedly.


T68 Gen3 Pistol


Best Paintball Pistols

Your in luck… the best paintball pistol is not the most expensive one. Not by a long shot!

A good paintball pistol usually costs about 300 dollars, but the two best ones are cheaper than that.

The T68 Gen3 and the Firebird are the two finest handgun creations thus far. The Firebird currently costs around 280 dollars, but the T68 Gen3 only costs 125 dollars.

I have purchased both of these guns, and while I knew that the Firebird was of exceptional quality, I was also very pleased with the T68. After all, it is only a fraction of the price the other pistols. 

And yet, I did not notice any significant drop in efficiency. In fact, I almost felt like this gun out performed all others in its class. Which is rare for a gun at this price range.

Other paintball handguns that I've purchased for around 100 bucks have all broken down. I had two cheap handguns that were faulty from the get go! I of course, got my money back with warranties. But I've learned that I'll never buy another cheap paintball gun, unless it is the T68 Gen3.

Real Action Paintball

Here's the link to the best paintball pistol at the discounted price of only 125 bucks.

T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol

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