Best Expensive Paintball Guns

by admin on January 2, 2012

Best Expensive Paintball Guns

Best Intermediate Paintball Guns

Best Cheap Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse SL74 Ego

 The planet eclipse SL74 ego costs around 2000 dollars. Clearly, this paintball marker is not for the casual player. And it should not be treated as such. It is also the best paintball marker that is mass distributed.

Many paintball professionals rep this gun. And for good reason. It is currently the grand daddy of 'em all.

Planet Eclipse SL74 Review

Planet Eclipse SL74 Review

WDP Angel G7

The WDP Angel G7 costs $1500 bucks. 500 dollars less than the Planet Eclipse SL74 Ego. Neither of these paintball markers are significantly better. They are both top of the line quality.

Which paintball marker you like will come down to personal preference. A lot of paintball players are found of a particular brand. Some love Planet Eclipse, some love Angel.

I recommend that you check both reviews before deciding which of these guns is better.

In my opinion, both the WDP Angel, and the SL74 are 10/10 paintball guns. I have the SL74 slightly higher for brand reasons. Planet Eclipse has become the widely acceptable leader of elite paintball guns.

It used to be angel, but times have changed.

However, it is very hard to argue against this particular Angel. Take a look at the review for more details.

WDP Angel G7

WDP Angel G7 Review


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