Best Cheap Paintball Guns

by admin on January 2, 2012

Best Cheap Paintball Guns

In order to qualify for best cheap paintball guns, a paintball gun must satisfy a few requirements.

A quality cheap paintball gun will be…..

1- Less than 200 dollars

2- Semi-automatic (fully automatic if you can find one)

3- Have a reliable track record in the paintball community

Why You Should Buy A "Cheaper" Paintball Gun

One of the common mistakes paintball beginners make, is spending far more money than you need to. Believe it or not you can compete on the paintball fields with a cheap paintball gun. Especially if you get one of the more reliable ones.

Most paintball experts agree that the quality of your paintball gun should evolve with your skill level. In other words, if you are an inexperienced paintball player, it is better to learn on a cheaper gun, and then upgrade once your skill improves.

Not only will an "elite" paintball gun be too much for a paintball beginner to handle, it will also cost a MINT, and then some.

Paintball players spend a TON on paintball gear. The difference between a paintball professional and recreational player is that professional players don't have to pay for their gear. Yeah, paintball companies buy it for them.

So buy a cheap paintball gun, practice, practice, practice…. hopefully impress a scout, get a sponsorship, and then rep the big guns for free.

What Are The Best Cheap Paintball Guns?

Best cheap paintball guns are available for almost every paintball brand, with some exceptions. Angel, for example, only produces "elite" quality paintball guns. But for the most part, paintball companies will offer an economical paintball gun option.

That being said, a paintball company will usually focus their efforts on producing "high end" or "low end" paintball guns. So while a company may offer their version of a best cheap paintball gun, don't buy into all of them. Because it may be best for their standards, but it is probably not best on the market.

Why We Love Spyders!

The best paintball brand for best cheap paintball guns is spyder. The Spyder franchise manufactures a type of paintball gun called a "Spyder Rodeo." These guns are ALWAYS…. semi-automatic, decent quality, and best of all, only between 100-200 bucks.


Spyder Rodeo paintball markers simply the classic "beginner paintball gun," If you buy anywhere else, you are either: spending too much money, or buying a lesser quality gun.

Cheap Paintball Guns You Should Avoid!

If you want to have any success on the paintball fields, you should not spend less than 100 dollars. Paintball guns that are cheaper than a 100 bucks will be terrible quality, and they will simply break down to often.

In fact, you will end up spending far more on repairs in the long run. And repairs you will need…. with a cheaper quality gun anyways.

But, if you purchase a gun in the 100-200 dollar range from a fairly reputable paintball brand, then you should be more than fine. Some brands will be better than others, if you don't like the Spyder Rodeo's, then Tippman may appease your interests.


You should go cheap, but not too cheap! You'll cost yourself too much in repairs for the long run.

A reliable cheap paintball guns are not hard to find. Any gun in the Spyder Rodeo series is about the best "bang for your buck" you can get.

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