Avoiding Paintball Accidents and Injuries

by admin on January 2, 2012

How To Avoid Paintball Accidents And Injuries

This sport can be ugly, if you don't learn to avoid paintball accidents and injuries.

They don't happen often, but when they do…. a hospital trip may be necessary. Especially with paintball eye injuries

We all know that eye injuries can be serious, but a lot of us don't realize how serious.

50% of all paintball eye injuries result in permanent blindness… which is insane! Furthermore, 20% of all eye injuries result in the complete loss of an eye.

Don't EVER play paintball without eye protection. You may not get hit in the eye area that often, but if you do without protection, you could very well be permanently inhibiting your vision.

Eye Protection Is The Biggie… But What Else Can I Do?

In order to avoid paintball accidents and injuries , some players like to have chest plates, or paintball vests. These types of equipment are not entirely necessary, but they will lower the amount of paintball pain and bruising.

U.S. Seal Team Vest

Some even opt to purchase paintball gloves. I personally feel like gloves are a bit overkill. Sure, if you want a decked out set of paintball gear, then they may indeed suit your interests. But money can be much more well spent in other areas.

It will absolutely kill if you get hit with bare hands, but getting a paintball on your hands happens so rarely that it's hard to justify spending money on gloves. Especially since you can use any old cheap gloves, you don't really need the actual paintball style ones.

Paintball gloves will give you some more maneuverability, that is for sure, but they can cost over 30 bucks…. blah!

I personally recommend that you at least have somewhat thick clothing. A sweater and sweatpants will even do the trick.

Footwear For Safety

Another biggie is appropriate footwear. Eye injuries are by far the most common of paintball accidents and injuries, but the next in line is ankle injuries.

Ankle injuries can never be completely avoided with paintball, but they can be reduced a fair amount with good footwear.

Sneakers are cool, or even a good pair of boots. The best type of paintballing shoes are mid tops. Meaning that they aren't massive, and don't obstruct your speed. But, the aren't to low either, and offer some good ankle support.

Ankle support is the key! You can reduce the chance of an ankle injury by 45% with a supportive pair of sneakers!


A lot of clothing items will only help you to eliminate paintball bruising and pain. But that in itself is a pretty cool thing.

The best two things you can do to reduce paintball accidents and injuries is wear protective eye equipment, and supportive footwear


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