Airsoft vs Paintball

by admin on January 2, 2012

Airsoft Vs Paintball

Airsoft Downsides

Airsoft is a cheaper alternative to paintballing. And for that reason, Airsoft has grown in popularity over the years. But there are a few reasons why paintball will always be the most popular shooting simulation.

Airsoft is more painful quite a bit more painful, in fact.

The velocity of a paintball gun is usually around 280 fps, but airsoft guns can double this velocity.

Being hit by a paintball is not so terrible, and can usually be somewhat easily shrugged off. An airsoft bb can take you to your knees. A fact that is more explained in the article airsoft bb's vs paintballs

The "honour" system

This may just be the biggest joke in any shooting simulation. I'm sorry, but this simply does not work.

Airsoft bb's leave no traceable mark. Which means there is absolutely no way to prove that a player has been hit. Which means that people can easily cheat and get away with it!

I know that avid airsoft players will claim that cheating is not common practice. But come on!

Out of a big group of people, there is more than likely going to be a few cheaters. And that's an understatement. Maybe the majority of players would play by the rules. But it's doubtful that you could get everyone to admit when they're shot.

And even if everyone was playing honestly, you would have know way of ever knowing. How could you ever have peace of mind on an airsoft field, knowing that somebody is going to win because of cheating.

And knowing that the best way to win, is to cheat. It's a near fool proof system. Nobody can prove that they hit you!

Paintball has a major advantage in this regard

Paintballs leave a big ol' paint mark on your opponents, and there's no way getting out of that one. That way, everybody is on a level playing field. Nobody can cheat, so nobody does. And everybody has an equal chance at victory. Sounds a lot better to me.

Is Paintball Better Than Airsoft?

airsoft vs paintball

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