Affordable Paintball Gun Reviews

by admin on December 31, 2011

Affordable Paintball Gun Reviews

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Tippmann A5

The tippmann a5 is one of the most popular paintball markers in the world. But, it should be of note that it is on the very edge of affordability. The retail cost of a tippmann a5 is around 300 dollars, and not everyone is willing to spend that much for a paintball gun. That being said, this marker costs 1700 dollars less than the Planet Eclipse SL74 Ego.

The tippmann a5 truly is the best affordable paintball gun on the market. It easily out performs other paintball guns in this price range.

Tippman A5 Review

Full Review

Tippmann 98 Custom

The tippmann 98 custom is the most popular paintball gun in the world. This marker costs about 50-60 dollars less than the tippmann a5 and is almost as good. It is important to note that the tippmann a5 is a better marker though.

The reason why the tippmann 98 custom is so popular, is because it is the gun that is used for rentals at paintball fields. And the reason why paintball fields absolutely love these guns is because they incredibly durable.

If you've held a paintball 98 custom before (and if you've rented at a paintball field, you probably have :P ) then you can feel firsthand how structurally solid they are. You can bang this gun against the ground for hours, and still not have any problems.

So if reliability is a major concern for your paintball investment, then I highly recommend this gun.

But, that is not the only reason why this paintball gun rocks. It's also very customizable, and has good velocity and consistency stats for it's price range.

For more information check the full review.

Tippmann 98 Custom Review

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Spyder Electra

It's only 140 bucks. Which is considerably less expensive than any paintball gun on this list.

For more information, check out the full review.

Spyder Electra Review

Full Review

Bt-4 Delta

For more information, check out the full review

Bt-4 Delta Paintball Gun Review

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Inspire BFG

For more information, check out the full review.

Inspire BFG Review

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