Paintball Trigger

by admin on January 5, 2012

Paintball Trigger

Most inexperienced players do not know how important a paintball trigger is to your playing performance. This article will give you all the information you need, as well as show you some fun ways to improve your speed.

First off, I just want to note that a relatively inexpensive paintball gun with a good trigger would absolutely demolish an expensive paintball gun with a standard trigger. Yeah, they're kind of important!

OK. So here goes!

There are 3 types of triggers


Semi Automatic


CLICK HERE- for a breakdown of the three paintball trigger types

The ultimate goal of a trigger is to yield the highest amount of BPS (balls per second). Typically, the more expensive the trigger, the more BPS you will be able to fire. Cheap paintball guns have standard triggers. Which means that you press the trigger down, lift your finger off the trigger, and then press down again. These triggers work fine for casual players that prefer to have a low BPS. After all, low BPS, means that you do not need to buy as many paintballs ;)

However, if you want to improve your game, an improved paintball trigger is one of the easiest, cost efficient ways you can become a fiercer paintball gunner. CLICK HERE- to watch a sick youtube video of a suped up paintball gun


The deadliest set up for a paintball gun is an "automatic" paintball firing set up. In this case, you only have to press the trigger down once and a continuous stream of paintballs will fire. Most paintball arenas will not allow players to use this set up. Paintball players, myself included, believe that an automatic set up takes the fun and spirit out of the game. If you get a chance to see a good player use one of these you will understand what I mean. Much less skill is involved.

CLICK HERE- to see the guru's analysis of an Automatic Paintball Trigger

The paintball triggers the guru recommends are known as "response triggers"

Paintball TriggerWhat? But you said that there are 3 types of triggers and you failed to list the recommended one. Well actually "response triggers" are an advanced breed of semi automatic triggers. In other words, there are two types of semi automatics. The other type can simply be referred to as the standard Semi automatic. They are both essentially the same. The only difference is that "response triggers" will automatically reposition the trigger for you after being pressed down. Which means slightly higher BPS.

These triggers are completely legit! Paintball arenas allow any non-automatic trigger, which INCLUDES response triggers. Basically, you still have to manually fire the paintball gun, but response triggers make the process fast and efficient.

CHECK OUT our page of analysis on Response Triggers

If you already know that "response triggers" are the option for you, then take a look at our review of the paintball triggers out there. CLICK HERE- to view our reviews

OK! So we have come to the conclusion that "response triggers are the best option for most paintball players. Is there anything else to know about paintball triggers?

Yep, you betcha!

You need to decide whether you want a double trigger or not. CLICK HERE- to find out whether you want a double trigger

If a double trigger suits your interests then this is a must read in order to dominate the paintball fields. There is a proper technique to "response triggers." This is the method that the paintball professionals use, and can improve your BPS to an even higher level. The technique is commonly referred to as walking the trigger. CLICK HERE- to learn how to Walk the Trigger

WARNING- So far I have told you that you SHOULD upgrade your paintball gun with a better trigger. Then I have provided an analysis of the types as well as reviews of the most popular paintball triggers out there. Does that mean that you should simply buy the number one ranked trigger for you paintball gun??? Actually the answer is NO you should NOT! And the reason is because every trigger is compatible with certain paintball guns. You should not assume that a paintball trigger is compatible with your gun without checking. Otherwise, you may be disappointed :( Which is definitely not cool. Therefore you should first check which trigger will fit your paintball gun first. Then get the best one you can afford. Because honestly, you'll be glad you did :)

FINALLY! So you have learned everything you need to know about which trigger set up is best for you. Now you need to know how to install it. The paintball guru offers an informational page that teaches you how to install.

Congratulations! If you read through to the end of this page, and looked through the informational links you should now have a developed understanding of paintball triggers.

Check out the rest of what the paintball guru has to offer. Good luck on the fields! HomePage


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