Paintball Tank Reviews

by admin on January 4, 2012

Paintball Tank Reviews

N2 Paintball Tanks

1 – Zephyr Paintball 68/4500 Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank

Price – 154$ Read Full Review


2 – Ninja Aluminum N2 Paintball Tank 48ci 3000psi

Price – 49.95$ Ninja N2 Paintball Tank Review


3 – Pure Energy N2 Compressed Air Tank 72ci 3000psi

Price – 63$ Pure Energy N2 Tank Review


4 – Guerrilla Air Myth

Price – $44 Guerrilla Air Myth N2 Paintball Tank Review

 5- KAS Crossfire Fiber Wrap HPA Tank

price – $155 KAS Crossfire Fiber Wrap HPA Tank Review


Co2 Paintball Tanks

1- Pure Energy 20 oz Co2 Tank

Price – 15$ Pure Energy Co2 Tank Review


2 – Spyder Co2 Paintball Tank

price – $15 Spyder Co2 Paintball Tank Review


Paintball Equipment For Sale

Are you ready to buy your paintball equipment? It is better to have a budget in mind, and know what you want to spend before buying a product.

Nobody wants to accidentally spend too much money on one thing, and then not have enough for the actual paintball gun. A good paintball tank is an integral part of your gear, but the paintball gun is the most important part. And you'll also want to have a good hopper.

I recommend the #2 ranked paintball tank on this list, because it is fairly affordable for everyone, and is of very high quality.

Get the zephyr if you have the money to spare. But if you are on a budget, the Ninja Aluminum N2 Paintball Tank is a great way to go.

After you've covered the n2 or co2 tank that you want, you should take a look at the paintball guns for sale this paintball site reviews the best paintball guns out there for an average sized budget. As you'd expect, we review the Tippmann A5 and the tippmann 98 custom, and a few other paintball markers that have a made a huge impact on the paintball world.


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