Paintball Injuries

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball Injuries

Lets take a look at paintball injuries. Is paintball a dangerous sport…

Injuries are a natural occurrence in almost every sport that exists. But are there a disproportionate amount of injuries in the game of paintball.

Actually, paintball is a very safe sport if the proper precations are taken.

In order to avoid paintball injuries, here is a list of the necessary safety related gear. There seems to be an ongoing allusion about paintball being dangerous. But the fact is, your typical high school, or club sport is significantly more dangerous than paintball.

Here are the statistics for the amount of injuries in each sport.

(these statistics are based on an entire season of league play for a particular sport, and track the number of injuries that required a hospital trip)


1 in every 42 players


1 in every 38 players


1 in every 31 players


1 in every 380 players



What?? why is this the case? Well, paintball very rarely requires your body to make an awkward twist or action. Popular sports, can force you twist a certain way, or land on a body part funny.

I am by no means suggesting that the popular sports should be boycotted, because like paintball, the other sports are a lot of fun.

Contrary to what many parents think, paintball is a safe game.

Approximately 85% of all paintball injuries are eye related. These incidents happen if a player is shot in the eye with a paintball. The paintball guru, and every paintball venue, strongly encourages everyone to wear a protective mask.

In fact, almost all paintball venues will not even let you play without wearing a mask.

Of the 85% of paintball injuries, almost all of them would have been avoided by wearing a paintball mask.

The best place to find cheap paintball masks that fully protect your face is at real action paintball.

Their motto is to protect your head! Visit Real Action Paintball by clicking the banner of the rotating heads.

Paintball can still be painful.

If you have ever taken a paintball in fairly close range. Or been hit in a sensitive area… It can hurt.

Paintballs cause bruises, which is probably what scares parents from letting their kids plays. And what scares a lot of kids from playing.

You can take a look at some paintball bruises here. It is important to note that these bruises look a lot worse than they are. The impact of a paintball is focused directly onto the surface of your body. Which is why it looks bad on the outside.

But a paintball never affects any skin protected organ internally. Which is why visits to the hospital are so low in number.

Aside from eye irratation, ear injuries are the most common paintball injuries.

For most of us, ears are a very small target. So they really do not get hit all that often. When they do, OUCH!

Furthermore, hits to the ear can cause ear trauma. There are rare cases where ear related injuries cause permanent damage. The force from a paintball is exceptionally high, if by chance, that force is exerted inside the ear canal, the ear cartilage can be permanently damaged. Again, almost never happens, but incredibly damaging if it does.

If you are worried that paintball might cause ear damage, then the simple solution is to purchase a decent paintball mask. The masks available for paintball are specifically designed to counter the possibility of injuries. Makes sense. But because eye injuries are by far the most common type of paintball injury, a cheap paintball mask will often not include ear protection.

The guru strongly recommends that everyone buys a fully protective paintball mask because they are not that expensive. Not only do they prevent injuries, and reduce pain from headshots, paintball masks also offer the paintball player with more confidence.

A lot of paintball players thrive on the ability to charge at their opponents unexpectedly. Paintball to the head do happen, and without a proper paintball mask, I cannot confidently say I would be as willing or confident to make a charge.


If a paintball player has the proper precautions in place, then there is no need to worry….

Have fun….

Some Atypical, But Serious Paintball Dangers.

There is a scary new frozen paintball trend going around that all paintball players should know about.

Some paintball players are freezing there paintballs, in order to get an advantage on the fields. This is an incredibly dangerous practice, and has resulted in some serious frozen paintball injuries.

A frozen paintball can cause bone fractures, and simply need to be eliminated from this extreme sport.

If you are aware of anyone who freezes their paintballs, you should immediately report it, because you and everyone else is in danger.

Other than that paintball is a safe sport!

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