Paintball For Beginners

by admin on January 3, 2012

Paintball for Beginners

Okay. So paintball for beginners is for those of us who are unfamiliar with the game of paintball…. Of course, that's why you are here!

The paintball guru wants to include as many people as possible, so the paintball for beginners page is hoping to help anyone who is relatively new to paintball.

If that means YOU, then I am glad you made it. Because you are about to start your paintball journey with us. Paintball may or may not be for you, but give it a go, because many have found it to be an extremely fun pastime. Or maybe just a fun weekend or two a year. However much you want to gain from paintball, paintball is here for you.

Most people reading this page already know what paintball is, but we include it because some do not. Feel free to skip the sections that you already know about.


We are going to learn…

1- What is paintball?

2- What do I need?

3- Is paintball dangerous?

4- where can I play?

What is paintball?

Paintball is a sport, that most people play for fun. There are professional paintballers, such as yours truly, the paintball guru. But most people prefer not to take paintball too seriously.

If you've ever wanted to participate in a gun fight, but did not want to suffer any serious injuries than paintball is for you. Of course paintball injuries do occur. But they are rarely, if ever, serious.

paintball consists of multiple people (or paintballers) who run around and shoot guns that fire balls of paint.

The most common paintball game played is called a deathmatch. Which is a term you are probably familiar with, if you have played the multiplayer for the video game "Call of Duty."

In a deathmatch, a player's objective is to eliminate other players of the opposing team by marking them with a paintball. Paintball for beginners has a full list of paintball rules, which covers the most popular paintball games. Click here to learn the rules.

Paintball is a relatively young sport that was created in the early 1970s. If you want to know the history of paintball, click here for the guru's article about its creation.


If you are still unclear about the game of paintball you should read the rest of this webpage. We will discuss further paintball for beginners.

What do you need?

Well, like we said, the objective of paintball is to mark your opponent with paint. The most common way to do this is by firing a paintball gun at an opposing player.

So You will certainly need a paintball gun.

About as important as a paintball gun, is eye protection. Eye injuries are the most common form of injury in this sport. Paintball injuries are almost non-existant if the proper precautions are taken. But without eye protection, your eye is vulnerable to the possibility of some serious damage.

An average firing speed for a paintball gun is about 270 fps. But Paintball guns can fire up to 400 fps. A paintball won't injure skin protected body parts, but your eye cannot handle that kind of velocity.

Aside from that, you really don't need anything else. Of course the guru recommends that you wear thick clothing, and other protective measures. But eye protection, and a paintball firearm are the only two requirements. Take a look at the protective paintball gear, that the guru recommends.

Is paintball dangerous?

We love including this article in paintball for beginners because paintball is an incredibly safe sport. Paintball Injuries.

For some reason, inexperienced paintball players seem to believe that paintball is unsafe but if you click the paintball injuries link above, you will see statistics that prove that paintball is a safe sport. Especially in comparison to other club sports.

Paintball for beginners verdict- Paintball injuries= rare

Where can you play?

paintball for beginners is proud to answer one of, if not the most, frequently asked question.

You have two options for places to play. You can either play in the wilderness, or you can play at a public paintball venue.

Public paintball venues supply lots of paintball bunkers, and other fun obstacles. Unless you have a lot of friends who want to play paintball, you won't be able to match the amount of players at a public paintball venue. The downside, of course, is that you will pay more money to play at a public venue.

You are entitled to bring your own gear, and the admission fee is usually not all that much. But all participating players of a public venue are obligated to purchase paintballs that are supplied by the paintball field. This is where paintball fields make a huge profit, and is usually what costs the most.

If you want to pay less, you can play for cheap out in the bush. But you will need your own gear and paintballs, as well as a safe and legitimate place to play.

The main drawbacks of playing out in the bush are that there are usually less opponents and obstacles. However, this is not always the case.

There are a lot of people that find paintball appealing, and it is quite possible to gather up a respectable amount of paintball players.

Some bush areas offer plenty of natural obstacles. Such as a tree that can be used as a bunker. Or a bunch of bushes that can be used as camouflage. If you read the guru's page on paintball bunkers. The guru discusses the importance of paintball bunkers, and includes a section that teaches you how to make a paintball bunker.

Another advantage, or maybe disadvantage of playing out in the bush is that there is no limits. Paintball fields place restrictions on the types of guns a player can use, as well as the settings allowed for legitimate paintball guns. Paintball for beginners need not worry about violating any of these policies because they are in place to reduce the domination of advanced paintball gear. A paintball beginner will most likely not have the type of gear that is prohibited.

While the paintball fields do have safety in mind, there is nothing overly unsafe about some of their limits.

For example, a paintball bazooka is not allowed on a paintball field, but it SHOULD be. If you have had the glorious opportunity of trying one of these bad boys out, you will know what I'm talking about. Of course, a paintball bazooka would be an unfair advantage in straight up deathmatches, so paintball fields won't allow them. However, mixing them into some bush ball action is absolutely fine. This advantage could be easily remedied by giving less players to the team with a bazooka.

Conclusion: Both playing out in the bush, or at a paintball field is great fun. The guru does not enjoy one more than other, instead we encourage you to try out both games. While paintball for beginners recommends both games, for your very first paintball experience, a paintball field is probably your best option. A paintball field has plenty of players and obstacles will be conveniently set up.

However, once you get a handle on paintball strategies, and are capable of adapting your game to more abstract environments, you should definitely invite your boys over for some bush ball.

What's A Good Paintball Gun For Beginners?

Paintball guns can be ridiculously expensive; if you want a top of the line paintball gun, you'll have to pay well over a grand.

But there are good beginner paintball guns that are cheap. If you read through my page on good beginner paintball guns, you'll learn more about what you can expect to pay. And don't worry, a reliable gun will not cost you anywhere near a grand.

The best bang for your buck paintball gun are Spyder Paintball Markers

How Many Paintballs Will I need?

Easily, one of the most commonly asked questions of paintball for beginners.

And for that reason, I've created a page that will help you decide how many paintballs a paintball beginner will need.

How awesome is the paintball guru???

The answer surprises a lot of paintball beginners. Many prospective players don't realize how many paintballs this game demands.

Done! Now what?

So you've read through paintball for beginners and you now want to try out paintball. Well, go out and play already.

Instead of buying a bunch of paintball gear, go to the paintball field nearest to you, and rent some paintball equipment. That way, you will be able to find out whether paintball is right for you, without spending too much money. If paintball is right for you, then buying gear is the next step. Rentals will be too costly in the long run, and fields do allow you to bring your own gear.


Then come back to the paintball guru's site and learn more paintball information.

Paintball for beginners

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