Airsoft vs Paintball

by admin on January 1, 2012

Airsoft vs Paintball

Is airsoft or paintball a better extreme sport?

Where should I start? Most people seem to think that these sports are near identical, but that is simply not true. Airsoft and paintball have a lot of differences that will be touched on in this article. For example, paintball guns and airsoft guns look way different, and function in different ways.

As you may notice, my site is based on paintball. And yes, I personally prefer paintball. But I am not going to say that airsoft vs paintball equals paintball. First of all, that's incredibly boring. We've all heard too many arguments that are not backed up with any logical reasoning.

It's not so much a question of whether one sports is better than the other. The question is moreso which sport is better for your personal interests.

There are significant differences between airsoft and paintball. So let's take a look at what the differences are, and then decide which sport ends up on top for each one.

In this article I will explore the most common questions regarding this issue.

Which sport is more painful?

Which sport is more expensive?

Which sport is more realistic?

Which sport is more fun?

Which sport is more painful?

I do not know how this ever became a confusing issue because its not even that close. Airsoft is quite significantly more painful.

Airsoft bb's fire at between 300 and 400 FPS (feet per second)

Paintballs fire at between 200 and 300 FPS

It should be noted that paintballs can still hurt. Both sports will give you bruises, but Airsoft will lay you to the ground. There is protective gear for airsoft, but you are never fully protected.

Some people actually prefer this more. I remember the first time I got shot with an Airsoft bb. My good friend (yes, I have forgiven him) came up behind me and nailed me right in the back of the neck. I have never experienced anything more painful in my life. My body dropped to the ground, I grabbed my neck from both sides, and let out what my friend refers to as a whiny girlish scream.

Apparently my friend thought this was absolutely hilarious. And actually suggested that this is the main reason why Airsoft is more wicked than paintball.

Sorry, not for me. I do not enjoy pain, or inflicting it on others. Paintball certainly offers enough of it as it is to get through the day.

Airsoft vs. Paintball?… Paintball

If you want to check whether airsoft or paintball is more safe click the link.

Which sport is more expensive?

Both sports offer a wide range of products. Airsoft is probably slightly cheaper overall. However, it is not recommended that you play airsoft without an ample amount of protective gear. Unless of course, you are as maniacal as my airsoft bud. So when you factor in the extra price for vests and whatnot they are pretty ridiculously close.

If you are looking for a gun to shoot at targets, airoft is your most economical and best bet. You can buy a buy an airsoft pistol for under 40$. And there is no properly functioning paintball gun for that price.

That being said, if you want a professional set up for either sport, both airsoft and paintball can run you well over a grand.

Conclusion- In order to play, both sports offer a similarly reasonable minimum price. When you factor in the supplies you need they are actually both really close. If you just want a cheap economical gun to shoot at targets then airsoft is your sport.

Airsoft vs Paintball?… Slight edge to Airsoft

Update: Aisoft Is Cheaper Than Paintball

Airsoft is cheaper than paintball, but its not because of the gear, or the price of admission. In fact, there is a fairly decent selection of good cheap paintball guns out there. If there is a difference in price between airsoft guns and paintball markers, it is very small.

Paintball costs more because paintballs are more expensive than airsoft bbs.

The article airsoft bbs vs paintball bbs gives you a breakdown of the ammunition used in airsoft and paintball.

Which is more realistic?

Even paintball fanboys will admit to defeat on this one. Airsoft guns look like the real deal.

Airsoft guns are meant to be replicas of real life guns. And with some of the more expensive models, you really cannot tell the difference at first glance. Which is pretty cool, in my opinion. If you have a gun fetish, then airsoft can satisfy it.

Paintball Guns rarely try to mimic real life guns. And when they do, you can usually tell the difference. There are only a select few decent looking paintball guns, that function at a respectable level.

Aside from these exceptions, paintball guns are always more abstract. You have a hopper extending from the gun itself, which is filled with large sized balls filled with paint. Yeah, nobody is going to be fooled by this one.

paintball is a fun game.

Airsoft is a simulation of real life.

Personal side note- The military and police force use airsoft guns to practice real life scenarios.

Airsoft vs Paintball?… Airsoft! Not even close.


More and more realistic paintball guns are being developed for paintball purposes.

You can now get a lot of quality paintball guns that look like real military style weapons.

Many woodsball players are loving this new trend, and there has been a growing popularity for sniper rifle paintball guns which is very exciting for the world of paintball. Airsoft guns are still more realistic, but the margin of difference is no longer as large as it was a few years ago.

Which sport is the most fun?

Unless you have a problem with the abstractness of paintball, it is a more fun game.

I'm not audaciously suggesting that paintball is better than airsoft, only that it is more of a sport/competition/game. That in itself, does not determine which of these sports wins airsoft vs paintball. Only that if you're in it for fun times, then paintball is the way to go.

Paintballin' is a great way to spend a day. The fields are filled with players of all skill types. Fields are filled with bunkers, and there are an assortment of games available to play. Paintball has actual umpires make game determinations.

Airsoft, on the other hand, is considerably more limiting. The fields do not include as many bunkers, or other fun obstacles. There aren't any umpires or cool games to play. Nope, the reason being that airsoft is meant to be as realistic as possible. Which some may appreciate, others will just prefer to have some fun.

Also, airsoft is too hard of a sport to monitor. Part of the fun of paintball is being able to see your shots make contact with other players and objects. There's something about being in a heated duel with another player, and being able to see giant wad of your paint splatter on his mask.

Unfortunately, airsoft ammunition does not leave a noticeable mark. Which leads to cheating… a lot of cheating. Matches become near never ending when several competitive airsoft players refuse to admit being hit. This can be incredibly frustating to players who abide by the rules.

Airsoft vs Paintball?… Paintball!


And the winner is…

Airsoft or Paintball!

It really depends on your particular interests…

Airsoft is more painful than paintball. Which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you enjoy pain.

Both airsoft and paintball cost about the same amount of money.

Airsoft is way more realistic. Which is a pretty cool advantage. Especially for the peeps out there that like to collect gun replicas.

Paintball is more of a sport than airsoft.

Bottom line, there's a reason why paintball has actual umpires and fields set up. And there's a reason why airsoft is used in police and military simulations.

So what kind of player would you be?

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if you dont enjoy getting hit with an airsoft gun, which i think stings more than a paintball gun. that is a insinuative to not get hit.

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Airsoft is not as painful as paintball. A paintball weighs between 2 and 3 grams, typically….

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paintball is better

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